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'Deepen Your Practice' - 'Continuing the Journey starts in September 2018, places are limited

Deepen Your Practice  
6 Month Yoga Course 2019

           One Sunday a month from February to July 2019 10.30am to 5.00pm  
Dates for Feb 3rd, March 3rd, April 7th, May 12th, June 2nd, July 7th 2019 
  with Suzy Daw Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist & Life Coach    & Guest teachers Dr John Simmons, Integrative GP and                   Jo Majithia Nutritionist and Funcional Medicine Practitioner    
at Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN12LR

Scaravelli  inspired Yoga for yoga practitioners  wishing to connect more deeply to their yoga practice and themselves.

This course is suitable for anyone who has practiced yoga regularly for at least a year, for Yoga teachers and anyone who wishes to journey more deeply into their practice and themselves.

Awaken to your true potential'

The course will be a transformative learning journey for the body, mind and soul full of discovering new ways of practicing and deepening your existing practice, through play, enquiry and exploration.   

Places are limited and you will be part of a closed group to encourage a supportive, safe environment for outer and inner transformation, allowing deeper connections, trust, honesty and sharing.  

'Suzy’s course was a wonderful opportunity to learn in depth about elements of yoga - but it was also much more than that! Suzy provided a variety of fascinating starting points of potential, so we could research and find out more. We also related the principles of yoga to our everyday lives, and it was brilliant to witness the journeys everyone went on, which went way beyond our yoga mats.' Charlotte

    ‘Know Thy Self’

Over the 6 months we will be exploring the following;

  • Deepening relationship to the spine, gravity and breath in yoga postures and during breathing practices
  • Awakening and/or developing the 'wave' like movement of the spine 
  • Exploring yoga and the fascial system; learn how to deeply release tension, unwind and unravel at a core level
  • Awakening the body’s natural intelligence through intuitive movement
  • Ckakras, Bhandas and the Energy 'Pranic' Body
  • Meditation, Enquiry, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra 
  • Connect to your fluid body and experience the lightness of being
  • Basic anatomy, to stay safe and prevent injury in yoga postures
  • Emotional Resilience and HeartMath with Dr John Simmons 
  • Positive Nutrition with Jo Majithia
  • Breath, Pranayama, Prana
  • Awakening the wisdom of the body, mind, soul connections 
  • Elements of life coaching
  • Inquiry into your deeper 'Self' through the 'GEMS'
  • Learn through Ayurveda which Yoga practices best support your individual 'Dosha' or constitution

                                                    and much more…..

'Yoga is a light, which once lit, will never dim, the better your practice, the brighter the flame'  B.K.S. Iyengar

Read more of the testimonials below to see what others thought about the last course.

                        Cost £515 (Early bird £475, paid for by Dec 1st)                       Different price plans offered to suit all budgets see below
Places are limited, so book your place now and for more information 

Call Suzy on 07939 580743    Email:

Terms and conditions: Payment is by BACS/cash/cheque
1) A deposit of £75 is required to secure your place. This is a non-refundable deposit. Deposit by 1st December, secures your early bird payment.
2) Price plan options:
i) Payment can be made in full
ii) By 2 or 3 installments
iii) By monthly payments by direct debit, the first one commencing on Feb 1st and then the first of each month onwards, last one being July 

All of these these price plans are offered with an agreement to continue payment even if for some reason you are unable to finish the course.

If these options are not possible for you then please do contact me and I am happy to work individually for those on a low budget that really wish to do the course.  


'The course helped me check in and reconnect with yoga on a daily basis.  The course introduced a range of themes which deepened my understanding of yoga as a holistic way of life. Suzy teaches sensitively and thoughtfully, inspiring everyone to trust where they are and challenge themselves.' Eva

'The Course enabled me to look deeper into my life, my practice and Suzy’s encouragement also gave me the insight to explore different avenues, enabling me to include yoga, or some aspect of it, into my daily life. I found all of the classes interesting, powerful, insightful, well delivered, inspirational and mind expanding.
Suzy’s ability to pass on her knowledge and understanding of mind and body makes it easy for me to highly recommend this course to anyone interested in developing their understanding of the many aspects of Yoga and life.' Amanda

I’ve known Suzi for about a decade...
Her mix of in depth and experience of anatomy and spirit is perfect
I have tried other Yoga teachers but for me you are it when it comes to yoga!!
My body moves in beautiful ways and my mind calms and finds peace
I love your classes and workshops
Sandra Chitty, Pilates Teacher and Counsellor 

‘Deepen Your Practice; 
- Continuing the Journey’ 

Starts September 2018

Enjoyed the first course…..? Then you will love this one,…. an amazing opportunity to dive even deeper into the journey of self-discovery of your body, mind and soul whilst discovering and cultivating a deeper relationship to yourself.

'Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself' - Rumi
6 month Yoga Course, Evolution Arts, Sillwood Terrace, Brighton
  Dates; Sept 9, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 2 (2018), Jan 13, Feb 10th, (2019)                        
       Cost: £515 (Deposit £75). Early bird £475 (deposit paid by June 1) 
Different price plans to suit all budgets. 

  • Deepening our connection to gravity, breath, awareness and the spine, exploring the bandhas and 'Maha bandha' with more depth. Establishing our ‘baseline rhythm, what does you day/week look like when you are in balance with your bnody, mind and soul?.
  • Unravelling the fascial system in more depth. We learnt the basics in the first course now lets explore working with and through this amazing network of tissue. We will be bringing a focus on the psoas muscle' the deep front line and its relationship to our body, emotions, mind and soul.
  • Cultivating emotional resilience and HeartMath meditation; Amazing experiential talk with Dr John Simmons. Learn how to manage, reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety from your being with practical effective techniques.
  • Discover how to be present and work with what thoughts and feelings arise in yourself using inner tracking techniques to help cultivate insight, wisdom and intuition
  • Exploring the ‘core muscles’ in our yoga practice and working with them in a wise integrated way. Understand how to work with the core in a 'whole way' rather than working with isolated muscles.
  • Inspiring nutritional talk with Tanya Borowski, Nutritionist and Functional Medicine practitioner. Learn the facts on how to eat for optimal health and well being, why certain eating habits can lead us towards illness and disease and how positive, good habits lead us towards optimal vitality.
  • Opening the Heart; back bending postures and Metta meditations for awakening loving kindness. We can work on our physical body to release the emotional body and vice versa leading to freedom, lightness and deep profound connections to self and all things.
  • Connecting and communicating within the whole self through asansa, pranayama, energy flow and wise speech. 
  • Inversions; the upside-down world, energizing postures and going beyond the fear and doubt. How are your headstands?..... a joy or a fear. We will explore teh preperations of these poses and see what emerges. 
  • Awakening our innate passion and power, learning to trust our innate body wisdom and moving through our limitations. When we cultivate our inner strength we learn to trust ourselves more fully, in our bodies, in life and the choices we make. 
  • Developing our intuitive sensitive movement, connecting to our higher self, and learning how to truly ‘be’ in the body. Healing happens when the body, mind, heart and soul come together.

'The Soul Always Knows What to Do to Heal Itself. The Challenge Is to Silence the mind'  Caroline Myss.

To book and for more information email call Suzy on            079395 80743

Looking forwards to being in circle with you again.
Places are limited so book early to secure your place

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