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' You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what is loves' - Mary Oliver      

 Day Retreat
  Saturday April 21st
‘Awakening to Spring’

At Horam Manor Farm, Horam East Sussex, TN210JB

10.00am  to 5.00pm; £75/70 (early bird booking before 1st March £70/65)

Life can move quickly……When was the last time your really truly stopped? When was the last time you were so still, so quiet and peaceful you felt that nothing else mattered apart  from staying connected to each sacred moment, feeling very alive and connected to everything? Senses alive,  breath, taste, smell, hearing …sensitive, awake and free?

Join me for a nourishing day of yoga, meditation, pranayama, deep resting, connecting with nature and delicious organic vegetarian food, lovingly prepared by the wonderful Sharon Smith.  

The retreat is open to anyone, beginners are welcome. The style of yoga encourages you to move at your own pace with awareness without pushing or forcing your body. This day will be lovingly held and a safe, relaxing day for you to experience a wonderful sense of stillness. 

Dust off your winter coat and awaken your body, mind and soul with a rejuvenating retreat reconnecting with nature, your own true nature, finding balance, tranquility, inner peace, inspiration and joy.

'Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love' - Rumi
 To book email or call Suzy on 07939 580743                        For more information go to      

Yoga Therapy Workshop

‘The Lumbar Spine’
March 22nd 10am to 1.00pm; Cost £35
at Revitalise,
 123 A Western Rd, Brighton BN3 1DB

A workshop for Yoga teachers, Yoga teacher trainers, those working with the body such as massage therapists, Pilates and movement teachers and also anyone who wishes to understand Yoga, the lumbar spine and pathologies from a holistic perspective. 

The workshop will offer a combination of theoretical anatomical knowledge, yoga practice, adjustments, exploration of the spine in relation to self and other (i.e. yours, your students, patients, clients etc), combining over 20 years of my knowledge from Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, Healing work and Yoga practice. 

This informal workshop will also be a supportive space and an opportunity to ask those questions that you may be wondering when working with people with spinal pathologies….’acute facet joint irritation…what should I or my student avoid, what are the signs and symptoms, what can I recommend?’…….

Gain the confidence to support people with more understanding of their specific needs

A really helpful workshop if you support people with movement practices.  

“Teaching is not an imposition of the teacher’s will over that of the pupil, not at all. Teaching starts with freedom and ends with freedom.”
~  Vanda Scaravelli

To book and/or for more information email Suzy on or Call on 07939 580743 


For booking terms and conditions please read below

Please note booking terms and conditions;
1) Full payment is required when booking a workshop or retreat, payment by cash, cheque or online transfer.
2) All payments need to be paid prior to the day of the workshop/retreat otherwise the drop in rate will be charged.
3) If for any reason you can not attend and full payment has been given, if notice is given one month prior then the payment minus a £10 administration charge would be returned. If cancellation is within 2 weeks of the workshop/retreat then half of the payment will be returned. If cancellation is within one week of the workshop no refund will be given unless the person booking has managed to find another person to fill their space.
4) For workshops you may be able to transfer to the following workshop
3) For the 6 month course the same applies, you may be able to transfer to the next year.
For more information about Physiotherapy and other treatments go to my Physiotherapy website
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